About Us

by | Dec 26, 2019

What is Bigbig Studios?

Bigbig Studios is a games development studio based in the heart of the UK. Famed for cramming big games onto a portable console, Bigbig have won various awards and acclaim for the Pursuit Force series and Motorstorm Arctic Edge on PSP and Playstation 2.

Since being founded in 2001, Bigbig remains a small, tight knit team of expert developers focussed on creating fun, original brands. Part of Sony’s World Wide Studios, Bigbig has been close to Sony’s next generation handheld since its inception, so is ideally placed to exploit it’s hardware and unique combination of interfaces.

As the studio steps into a new era, Little Deviants sees the debut of Bigbig’s 10th Anniversary logo, restyled and revitalized for the next generation of games.

Info update website bigbig

Happy Birthday to us! Bigbig is celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary with the launch of the all new Bigbig Website, featuring a redesigned Bigbig Logo.

We’ve been around since 2001, making us 10 years old, so what better time to update the image? The new logo is more streamlined and straight to the point, keeping the classic Bigbig lozenge and red dot, but updated for the twitter generation. We’ve ditched the clunky flash website and switched over to a Blog, with all sorts of ways for you to follow us and let us know what you think. You can still find info on all our classic titles, but we’re all geared up to let you know the cool details about Little Deviants and our other future titles.

Hope you enjoy the site, don’t forget to follow us and the deviants on facebook and twitter, and I guess we’ll see you again soon!